Quantum Computing – Leaps and Bounds Ahead

Computers and microprocessors have become ubiquitous over the past decade. Your smart phone, your television set and possibly even your coffee maker has some form of computing chip inside of it allowing it to carry out its functions. Computing power has increased exponentially over the past few decades. Moore’s Law, which states that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits will double every 18 months, has been true for the last few decades. However, computer technology has advanced so rapidly in the past couple of years that transistors are rapidly the theoretical limit, the size of atoms. Scientists are trying to circumvent this issue through something known as ‘Quantum Computing’.

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Making Of #1 – Chatbots and Conversational Interfaces.

As smartphones and Internet access have become ubiquitous, text messaging and instant messaging have slowly replaced calling as the primary means of communication. Another technological revolution underway in the world is the extensive research and development in the field of Artificial Intelligence, the science of making machines think and speak like humans. If one combines these two disciplines, a chatbot is born. Simply put, a chatbot is an artificially intelligent entity that is capable of understanding human queries – written in natural language – and answering them. One can even think of Siri, Google Now and Cortana, the popular smartphone assistants, as chatbots that have a voice. They work on the same basic principles as a chatbot – the user asks a question, they process the question and then they try to return a relevant answer.

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Technology of the Future – Disruptive?

Well this article highlights the Disruptive Technology. Came across it in the McKinsey Global Institue’s Report. Now you might ask: What is “Disruptive Technology” ?

Well it is a piece of technology which will make a current piece of technology obsolete in the future (here the year taken in 2025) and will have a huge global effect on economies plus will have huge economic potentials. In simple words it is something which would crush something and the owners would make big money. Well this article highlights some such Disruptions. Well let the list commence.

—– Cloud Technology —–

Well this should come as no surprise. Nowadays every other company is setting up its own cloud based services. Many of the popular options include iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive. They offer storage to be accessible everywhere without the buyer having to set up any extra infrastructure. More storage (in addition to the one provided for free) can be bought at minimal costs and the data can be accessed on the go. This can remove the need of huge record rooms or goo-downs that store huge amounts of data on physical standards.
 It is expected that by 2025 this can be about a 500-700 billion dollar industry. They can obsolete the means we currently use and give the users a new control over their content. They would be able to access their data anywhere requiring just a data plan.
Companies can benefit from it by controlling the information sent to various employees and eliminating the use of hard paper copies. However, there are some concerns whether cloud can be trusted. Companies should have faith that they can store their extremely sensitive information and that it would not be put to abominable uses. But in my opinion, cloud holds a very big key to the way we navigate our content across various places and will certainly yield results in the future.

—- Mobile Internet and the Internet of Things —-

Well nowadays everything has data connection. I’m sure many of you would be reading this through tablets and smartphones with data connectivity. Well statistics say about 40% of the world’s population accesses the Internet through Portable Gadgets. Well this is certainly going to affect modem and LAN connections. Today with speeds of upto 100MBs download, we hold a Internet connecting device with a speed much higher than that of our personal workstation. With rapidly growing penetration of such devices it is predicted that about 3 Billion people will have Internet connection in 2025. Currently people connected to the Internet through Mobile phones exceed those with a desktop connection. This is a far larger market than some people thing and in my opinion is an integral part of Internet of Things.
Everything is seamlessly connected giving a cohesive and a complete experience.
Well with such high numbers the income from such things will leave the world awestruck. Expected income annually would range from $2.7 Trillion – $6.2 Trillion. Well but Internet of Things will not only be restricted to Mobile Phones. It would include all our day to day articles. Internet of Things would basically also help
companies to use a large array of sensors such as magnetic and motion to record data. Think about it? Everything would be seamlessly integrated. Surveys would become easier, statistics more accurate and who knows we would get instant traffic information and exact positioning of public transport. These are just a few examples, there are practically unlimited. We would be able to monitor the exact number of articles produced by a industry that also to the point. Internet of Things will surely be a field to be reckoned with. If given enough encouragement and resources it can make day to day chores more intuitive and simple.
The Future is such that this dog also looks forward to!

—- Advanced Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles —-

Remember the robot from Star Wars? Or Robo-Cop? Well the future might be headed towards that. These advancements in robotics will be highly beneficial to humans. They can replace the workforce of hazardous industries and reduce death tolls while giving those humans something else to do. They could be used for deep sea exploration of space travel giving an insight about places which were earlier inaccessible to humans. They can be a live saver for people who need prosthetics.
The Future calls us
Hence with the continuous breakthrough in Robotics we can except something truly miraculous by 2025. Maybe the business leaders understand its potential and implement before some youngster takes it forward and becomes a billionaire (Example Mark Zuckerburg). Well but it has its own disadvantages and trust issues. Many people believe robots can easily be modified which can result in loss of data and life, if they are manipulated and pushed for the wrong purpose. But it is projected to hit a market of hundreds of billions of dollars, but it can result in umemployment.
Man vs. Machine
Autonomous vehicles are vehicles with self driving capability (Well technically auto-driver). Google’s own Street View cars work on this principle. This would be a boon in a world where people just have accidents every day. By implementing this we can reduce millions of accidents and thus reducing loss of life and abominable experiences. Well but getting through people’s mind barrier would prove immensely perilous.
The main concerns would be if the car wasn’t able to judge properly and an accident occurs who was to be blamed? – The user or the company? This could be one big hurdle which should be resolved. Hopefully by 2025 we can see an increasing peak in autonomous vehicles.
Autonomous Vehicles.
Well other technologies which would be hopefully disruptive can be :-

1) Automation – Well example for this can be the ever popular Google Now. It gives you information and learns your usage patterns. By doing so it recommends you your daily coup of interest such as weather, stock and sports updates. This can have its application in various devices.

2) 3D Printing – Yes this is now a reality. 20-30 years back they had huge mechanisms and out of bound prices. Now they are portable,cheaper and efficient. In fact the latest Windows 8.1 release has even added support for them. So I see 3D printing becoming mainstream in a few years time.

Well these were some of the Disruptive Technologies which would play a huge role in either streamlining or ruining our life. I prefer the optimistic part because when has progress back-fires. Although these have their plus and minus, the positive outweigh the negatives by a huge difference. Now all we can do is wait and watch till the future unfolds itself and throws us into an era of complete awesomeness. Thank you for reading and please do share this article and blog with your friends if you enjoy reading them. Good day ahead.
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