Net Neutrality and User Privacy – II.

The world has seen a massive change in the last few months. Surprising political and economic movements aside, the world of technology has seen a drastic change. However, one entity has remained unaffected by the constant flux of change, the internet and its users’ need for net neutrality and user privacy. 

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Android TV: Take over the living room.

“Entertainment tailored for you.” That’s how Google brands the new Android TV platform. In typical Google fashion the word ‘tailored’ indicates the presence of its user adaptive search which goes by the name of Google Now for handsets. Android TV is Google’s answer to Amazon Fire TV and Apple’s Apple TV.

The Amazon Fire TV. One of Android TV's prime competitors.

The Amazon Fire TV. One of Android TV’s prime competitors.

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E-Commerce, Go Online to Go Big.

E-Commerce, or should I say the rising cause of obesity and laziness, has been translating into new and uprising sector in the market. Worth more than hundreds of billions of dollars, E-Commerce is certainly shaping up to be future. Amazon, the big daddy of online sales is at the forefront of this revolution. Local names such as Flipkart are also used extensively by Indians today. So is E-Commerce really the new thing? Is it time that every store has an online portal? Let’s find out.

Going out to get groceries? How about ordering it online? Want to get that latest PlayStation the day it launches, but don’t want to stand in that long queue to get it? Well, let’s preorder it. Want to try something before you buy it? Well that is not happening. Sure these websites have easy to return services, but it becomes tiresome for the consumer when they simply can go to a retail outlet, try out so many various models and come back purchasing the one which suited their needs the most. A similar thing can be said about clothes. Not so necessarily about shoes, if you know your shoe size.


I personally feel that books, music, movies and some categories of electronics such as music players and household appliances can fully exploit the E-Commerce idea. Others there are various side-effects such as the ones I mentioned above. Trust issues however are completely understood. In a country like India, Flipkart understood that and came up with the Cash on Delivery system, where the consumer could receive the package and then pay for it. This gives the consumers a feeling of security as they don’t have to enter their credit card details online.

Now the question is do people actually prefer an online portal or they are better off with the traditional ways? Well, my guess would be that both would be the best thing that can happen, from the consumers point of view. For the sellers, not so much. Bookshops, Electronic shops, Movie rental stores can take complete advantage of this since these are goods which are easy to purchase online.  But clothing stores, food stores are better off sticking to the traditional ways for now that is. Future prospects seem bright with the Amazon Prime Air coming soon. With the Big Daddy revolutionising things again, others will soon follow. With robot one-day delivery systems on the line, we are being pushed to being the couch potatoes and being spoon-fed.


But all in all, E-Commerce is here to stay and it will continue to have rising quarters. So what do you think? Are you in favour of online shopping or the traditional way suits you more? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to like/subscribe/share. Thank you for reading.