Want Pixels? How about 41 Million? Nokia’s Conference July ’13

Today in the racing age of smartphone, every manufacturer wants their creation to be equipped with the best. However things in the Smartphone Camera segment are about to change as Nokia just gave us 41 Million reasons to switch over to their latest cameraphone offering. Well the event started off with Nokia presenting to us the history of how it had revolutionised camera technology since it’s advent on phones. Nokia started hardcore camera offerings with the N8. Then the Nokia 808 pure-view which packed a humungous 41 MP sensor. Nokia’s latest Lumia smartphones pack Optical Image Stabilisation. Well but this time Nokia brought forth something completely unique, something which is a sort of collaboration between the Lumia and PureView lines, it brought us the Lumia 1020.

lumia1020all_large_verge_medium_landscapeThe Lumia 1020 packs a larger sensor with the same 41 MP resolution in the same Lumia tradition polycarbonate body which Nokia says is not coloured, thus the colour will be preserved better. It packs a 6 element lens. All with Nokia’s improved imaging technology. It features Optical Image Stabilisation as well, which has been enhanced to a great extent and it certainly does a good job of preventing shaky images.  What’s highly impressive is the form factor of the device. Having the largest sensor in the consumer smartphone sector, Nokia has done a great job of keeping the smartphone slender, unlike the 808 PureView.


The Lumia 1020 can snap pictures in both 41MP mode and an oversampled 5MP image. Now you might wonder what is an oversampled or pureview as Nokia calls the technology? Well in oversampling many pixels are combined to give a single pixel which hence packs way more detail than the standard pixel. The Lumia 1020 has the Nokia Pro Camera app, which with it’s intuitive app design makes clicking pictures a breeze. It packs a whole lot of other features as well such as the Nokia Cinemagraph, Smart Shot, Action Shot and Nokia has also reinvented zoom. It records video at 1080P at 30Fps. Loseless 3X zoom for 1080P and 6X for 720P is impressive as well.

Earlier the smartphone captured what was in it’s viewfinder when we zoomed in. Well the 1020 captures the viewfinders surrounding as well. So now in a picture clicked by the 1020 you can not only zoom in when you take a picture but also zoom OUT! Amazing isn’t it? This feature would be very useful as some of us after going through our past pictures may have thought or hoped we had captured something right next to us. Well Nokia has come to the rescue and sort of tried to eliminate such dismays.


As for the Hardware part it should be very snappy and fluid owing to it’s processing power and the Ram that it comes with. Also Window Phone 8 has a minimal design which is simple and hardly slows down. For the tech buffs the technical specifications are as follows: 1.5 Ghz Qualcolm Dual-Core Krait chipset with the Adreno 225 alongside 2GB of Ram (Highest for a WP device yet). The 1020 has a HD 768p screen with Gorilla Glass to keep the scratches away. Also Nokia’s super-sensitive touch is there, so you can use your phone with the tip of your finger-nails or with gloves on. A camera grip is also there which also provides some extra juice to your battery. Although you would have to shell out some more of your hard-earned cash. Availability and Pricing for regions have to still be announced. It will launch in Yellow, Black and White colour variants.


Basically to wind it up, Nokia is providing a package which can please even the most unscrupulous and stubborn tech enthusiasts around. People may argue that Windows Phone OS is a let down. But they should remember nothing is perfect. As goes with the Indian Hindi saying: – “Kuch pane ke liye kuch khona padta hai” . And in my opinion the superb camera is worth everything out there. Well done Nokia I’m impressed. If you liked this article give it a thumbs up, +1 and so on. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and spread the word around. Hope you have a good day ahead.