Weekly Roundup II – Boatload of Companies.

A busy week for companies, hardware and software alike. Although software took the abundant announcement share. We got iOS 7, BlackBerry Messenger, Cyanogenmod and Google Hummingbird to just name a few. Let’s give this article a twist – No long paragraphs, just short,crisp sentences which convey the same information as those long thesis you would find on other websites.

—- Google’s new Bird—-


 Google announced a new search logarithm to make those long search queries be answered better. So expect better search results for those humungous questions of yours. And all this on Google’s 15th Birthday!

—- Cyanogenmod goes Cyanogenmod Inc. —–


Sometime back I had written an article on Rooting (http://rajnitech.wordpress.com/2013/07/04/android-back-to-the-basics/), in that I had mentioned custom roms, well the king of Custom Roms CyanogenMod – Just became a company after getting 7Million$ in funding. It also teamed up with Oppo to put Cyanogenmod in their latest best offering the Oppo N1 (more on this later).

—- New iOS causes ripples —-

hero_Apple Banner

The day Apple released the new iOS it caused a social outburst. All of my feeds were filled with people posting about how they love the new iOS or how they can’t download it. iOS 7 cover here: (http://rajnitech.wordpress.com/2013/06/11/june-10-11-technology-parade-part-1/) And now the apps in the App Store are being updated. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to name a few have been updated and they look jaw-dropping. Wondering why didn’t Android get these flat-designed apps yet, either ways, loads of apps are being flattened and given the iOS7 look. Hoping Android gets the same treatment soon as well.


The new flat Instagram.

—- BlackBerry Messenger Crisis —-


Blackberry was supposed to launch the highly awaited BBM for Android on 21st September and for iOS on 22nd September. However a leaked Android app led to it postponing the launch. They patched the leaked app for Android and the officially released app for iOS was brought down. However the people who downloaded it from the App Store could continue to use it. BlackBerry says they got about 1.1Million users in 8 hours which is simply mind-blowing.

—- Grand Theft Auto lives by it’s name? —-


Grand Theft Auto, the most expensive game of all-time, expensive than all other Hollywood movies except the Pirates of the Carribean Series, costed 270Million$ to develop. However the franchise, probably the most awaited and most fan-based game ever, grossed a billion dollars only in 3 days. Rockstar has a great winner with them, which in my opinion is going to be the winner of every game award out there, be it gameplay or graphics, GTA V delivers nothing but the best and hey it’s GTA, I mean who doesn’t love GTA?

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Weekly Roundup – Nintendo, Samsung and Apple.

This article will elaborate upon some pretty drastic changes brought-forth by the Internet community and the companies themselves. Some new products? Yes please. Some innovation? Yes Please. Some unnecessary product launching for cash in-flows? No. This round-up shall take you all the way through the Land of Mario to the land where Apple’s grow half-bitten.

—- Nintendo goes 2D —-super_mario__nintendo_1280x960

Nintendo seems to be on a game console release spree. Two years ago, it released the 3DS. Some months ago the Wii U and now it goes forth and unveils the 2DS. It will have the same internals, the same dual-screen sizes, the same dual-cameras to take those 3D shots but as the name suggests, the 3D screen takes a leave. It will play 3DS games but without the 3D. Also the trademark clamshell design is replaced by a flat block looking mundane design. In my opinion it looks a lot bulky. Nintendo justifies this new offering directed towards children below 7-year olds. The 3D screens were said to cause nausea for children below 7, so Nintendo thought to grab the potential users it was losing. The machine will be available in red and white or black and blue colour schemes. It will launch on October 12 and will cost $130.



Nintendo is also reducing the price of the Wii U from $350 to $300. This is for the Deluxe model. The basic model currently retails for $300, it remains a mystery whether it would be discontinued altogether or will receive a price-cut. This move comes after disappointing sales and market projections. Hopefully Nintendo can make it up with the launch of the 2DS and the Wii U price reduction.


—- Apple goes Gold and Budgeted —-


The heading says it all. The rumours are circulating hard and fast. The Internet community is on fire, as it always is before an Apple Conference regarding new iDevices. Well but this time the star of the show is the rumoured iPhone 5S. Previously it launched with two colour combinations. Leaked parts show the addition of one or maybe two colours more. One of those is the Champagne Gold one. Other specifications include a dual-LED flash and an updated A7 chip all covered by the beautiful iOS 7 pre-installed.


Now some of you might be thinking, that does away with the Gold sub-heading, but why has he put budgeted? Has he lost his mind calling the most expensive phone on the planet a budget piece? Well no. Rumours are that Apple will be launching a new segment in the iPhone series – The first one to be named the iPhone 5C, where the “C” probably stands for Cheap. It will have the same specifications of the iPhone 5, but it will be encased in a plastic shell and not aluminium. It will be available in a variety of different colours and will retail for about 400$ unlocked.


So who’s ready for not one but two new iPhones this September? I am excited to see what Cook’s Apple Era does to revolutionise the phone sector and make the iPhone a leading mammoth again. We can only wait and see what Apple has in store for us for this year.

—– Samsung Geared —–


Well around this time of the year Samsung outs it’s latest Note Series offering. Well the Note 3 is there this September at the IFA, but along with it is a new product segment Samsung is getting their hands into. The SmartWatch segment. Heard of the Pebble SmartWatch? Well Samsung is releasing their own offering – The Galaxy Gear. Nothing but the leaked specifications are known currently about both these devices. I don’t like posting technical details, so I’ll stop here. Just mark September 4 for seeing what ripples are caused by Samsung’s announcement alongside Sony’s Honami or the Z1 smartphone. I’ll be watching and evaluating these giants compete for the throne of the best smartphone.


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