Nintendo Switch – All You Need To Know.

Nintendo created ripples when they released an introduction trailer for their newest home console, Nintendo Switch, in October, 2016. Today, Nintendo revealed more details about the Switch via a live stream event. Continue reading

Apple MacBook Pro – Touching the Bar.

“The world’s creative forces use the Mac to push the world forward.” – Tim Cook.

27th October, 2016, was the 25th anniversary of the first notebook computer released by Apple, the Powerbook. It was the first portable that had an extended keyboard that allowed you to rest your hand on it while you typed. It was one of the most influential laptops that was ever made and it was the precursor to the MacBook that we know and love today.

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Switching Up The Industry – Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has finally unveiled the next iteration of their gaming console. Simply dubbed “Nintendo Switch”, it aims to bridge the gap between handheld consoles and home consoles, essentially allowing the players to “switch” between gaming on their large televisions or a 7″ controller that is bundled with the console. Not much is know about the the internal specifications of the console or the launch titles – except for Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild -, however, the announcement trailer did show NBA2K and a game that looked very similar to Skyrim.

Some caveats I noticed however were that games would be available in cartridges which point towards the lack of very powerful hardware and that the console itself was pretty tiny. Apart from that, the concept is fresh and interesting and would open up new gaming experiences – Nintendo has added $1 billion to its market value since its announcement of the revelation of the NX today. The Nintendo NX aka Nintendo Switch will be released in March 2017.