The Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things. The Internet of Things abbreviated as “IoT” is a concept that has been developed by hardcore technology enthusiasts over the past few years. The Internet, in essence, is a collection of connected computers that exchange data with each other over a common connection. Things are objects that you use in everyday life. So what is the ‘Internet of Things’? In very basic terms, it is a combination of the two definitions of the words that make the phrase. IoT is a ‘connection between objects’. But in reality, IoT is a trend that is destined to take over half the world in the next ten years. It is a combination of all your gadgets and appliances collecting as well as sharing information over a common local or world network using an array of sensors.

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Let’s Tango.

Tango, more commonly known as a simple danceform. What is this, Ujjwal?  Why are you writing about art on a technology oriented website? Okay, let me make it clearer, how about ‘Google Tango’? Weird, how adding a simple Google prefix makes it techy enough. Well, what is it? That’s what we are here to find out.

Tango requires a partner. Google needed some too.

Tango requires a partner. Google needed some too.

Google Tango is one more of Google’s no longer top secret projects, something similar to the Ara Modular Concept. It is very imaginative and ambitious and could be of great use in many fields. But what is it exactly? Well it is a 3D modelling system that enables you to capture 3D models of your home and it’s interiors. “Well it would be big and bulky then right?”. No that’s where the fun part starts. It’s going to be as small as a mobile device. The device would be capable to track movement in full 3D and map them to create a virtual surrounding of your home. You might now be thinking that just like the Ara it’s going to take some time, well Google surprises us. It’s going to distribute 200 developer edition prototypes for the purpose of building an app ecosystem for this technology. That’s right, this is not a part of Android (Only for now, hopefully). The numerous sensors in the phone allow it to make a quarter million measurements each second which are then combined to make a 3D model of your surrounding.


The Tango Phone prototype. 200 of which would be given to developers this March to start making applications for it.

What is the use of this technology you may ask? Well there are many fields in which this technology would be very helpful. For instance imagine yourself going to get some new furniture for your house. Don’t know whether it’ll fit or look good? Well pull out that device, model that couch you’re looking at and place it in your pre-3D modelled living room and decide for yourself. It will be very helpful for  blind people as well. It can be used to help them navigate through interiors or even huge exteriors by actively modelling their surroundings. Imagine gaming in a virtual real world in your own bedroom. That seems like one of my childhood dreams coming true, that is interacting with real world objects as if they were a part of the virtual world. How much fun would that be?

Mapping the surroundings.

Mapping the surroundings.

But now let’s talk about the more negative aspect of it. This technology could be misused in so many ways. Terrorists could easily map and model buildings and interiors and could easily locate prime spots for committing acts of violence. Spying on people would now be full 3D as well which doesn’t really give us the positive vibes.

But every technology has it’s pros and cons and here, the pros heavily outweigh the cons. I am definitely excited with what the Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) is coming up with. First the Ara and now Tango. It also explains some of the acquisitions Google made, along with it keeping the Motorola patent portfolio. The future definitely seems to be coming fast, but the question is are we ready for it?

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The Internet of Things, Samsung Smart Home – 2014 calls.

Internet of Things. What is that you may ask. Well, it’s basically building on the futuristic concept of the 2000s. That is Internet everywhere, in every small appliance which can be controlled by a tap on the screen of your mobile device. Samsung announced something known as the Samsung Smart Home which is based on similar lines.


Every device would be able to upload images and data to a secure server which would make it so easy to conduct surveys, get reports about damaged traffic lights and locate stolen cars. Gone would be the days where we had the fear of someone breaking into our homes as their house would be active and would alert the user about some suspicious activity near their house and then the user would be shown a real life video feed, seeing which he/she can decide whether to call the authorities or not. Seems all futuristic right? Well it’s true and Samsung has brought it with the name ‘Samsung Smart Home’.


Well their model demoed the air conditioning and the lighting going off when we walked out. There is even Galaxy Gear integration. We can control various appliances with the dedicated app on mobile phones. However Samsung like always wants to keep it to itself and hence it is being said preliminary support is only going to be for Galaxy devices and other devices will be added on later.


I feel this is more or less trying to monopolise the market again. However seeing that not many of us are ready to change most of our equipment just for some added laziness and a few inches around our waist (which is effectively being done by pizza), we have time and we can wait for other companies to present their cards and for Samsung to draw some new ones as well. What do you think about this new technology that is probably going to predominate our homes in the next decade or so? Let us know in the comments below.