Amiibo: Nintendo’s Collectible And Utilitarian Figurines.

Nintendo is one of the big three giants, alongside Microsoft and Sony when it comes to consoles and video games. All three of these companies have entered the eight generation of home consoles; however Nintendo unveiled the Amiibo accessory to increase the utility and gameplay that can be derived out of the games that are played on their home console, the Wii U and their flagship handheld console, the 3DS series. Amiibos are figurines of some of Nintendo’s iconic characters, in addition to some third party characters such as Sonic and Pac-Man.

Some of the Amiibo figurines that are currently available.

Some of the Amiibo figurines that are currently available.

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Let’s Make Some Koopa Troopas: Mario Maker.

Mario, he is the light hearted Italian plumber whose endeavours to save Princess Peach have dominated most of our childhoods. This legendary character was created by an even legendary game developer, Shigeru Miyamoto.

Mario has become the best selling video game franchise of all time. He has his own kart racing series as well as countless others which dominate the game leaderboard whenever they come out. He is that one character who most of us recognise. All of us must had that moment when we finally defeated Bowser and saved the Princess. We must have also had those ranting moments when we thought a level should have been different or when we wanted to design our own one. Well, Nintendo finally listened. It unveiled the ‘Mario Maker’ at E3 2014.

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E3 2014: Nintendo: ‘Wii’ Are Going to Make ‘U’ Buy One.

This is an article highlighting some games that Nintendo announced for the Wii U at E3 2014 and what this and the upcoming year is going to look like for the Wii U’s game library. This is an article simply listing some of the titles with some of their iconic features. (PS: Please tell me you understood the pun in the title).

The software announced for the Wii U are:

1. Splatoon which was already covered in a previous article. It is a new first party title. It builds on the concept of first person shooters in a colourful way.

2. Zelda Wii U. Zelda is one of those games series which has been iconic and essential for every Nintendo console’s library. I have played three Zelda games till now and honestly it is one of my favourite game series of all time. I would buy a console just for this one game. Now, it’s in HD at 60fps and the world is just so beautiful. Gone are the days of linear gameplay and boundaries, this Zelda game aims to be limitless. Not much is known at the moment except this short clip that was shown.

3. Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 on one disc. Players would get both the games together on one software disc. This is branded as one of the best action combat games in the world. It was nice seeing the family Wii U console finally getting something for those hardcore gamers. A video speaks much more than words, so here’s the game’s trailer.

4. Super Smash Bros. The fighting game where players pit themselves against each other using iconic Nintendo and some third party characters. But Nintendo blew everyone away by announcing Mii support. These are those characters you build and can customise to your own liking. These characters can be a part of the game and the player can customise them freely.  Here is the rather comical Mii character announcement trailer and the game trailer. It should be out this year.

These are the games I am personally really excited about. Is there any game I missed out? Leave a comment below and let me know. If you liked this update don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and share this article.