The Future of Architecture

So this is a departure from the usual topics of technology and this one focuses on Architecture and construction. We are in the year 2013 and construction procedures have changed a long way compared to the 20th Century or more. The Burj Khalifa is a standing example of those breakthroughs. But as technology and science progresses what are some changes we could see in buildings and their making? Let’s find out.

—- Self – Repairing Buildings —-

Just imagine self-healing buildings of the same kind you saw in a recent movie. It endures the damage and after sometime the cracks or whatever “injury” was inflicted gets repaired automatically without any labour or infrastructural costs.  There are three methods of how the material can be made invulnerable to damage. They are as follows: (Source: BBC News)


The name says it all. The material contain capsules which contain the materials needed for repair. When damage occurs they rupture thus effectively releasing those compounds resulting in self-repair.


The material itself has healing properties. The chemical nature of the material is such that it can have reversible chemical reactions which result in the damage being healed.


In this method we use a series of refillable tubes or channels which contain the mixture and they carry it to the breaking point.


—- What next? —-

This certainly holds a lot of promise for the future.  Not only in buildings but in various other fields as well such as automobiles and even technology for that instance. So many of us face problems of wear and tear and also screen cracking, but with such an implementation we would have the liberty to be a little careless. Hoping to see this getting mainstream soon.


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